Get Out And Ride These Hills

Black Hills Trails

Trail Do's & Don'ts

Please observe the following suggestions when riding in the Black Hills to keep trails in good condition and promote goodwill among all who use them.

  • Be aware of current conditions in every season and ride with care.
  • Excessive speed, skidding and hard braking cause erosion, so be in control of your speed and your bike.
  • AVOID wet trails in the spring melting season. Make sure Single Track stays single.
  • Vegetation around trails is sensitive and easy to damage or destroy.
  • Avoid widening the trail by taking care when passing others.
  • Stop your bike and “put a foot down” rather than zipping around, or use passing lanes if they are available.
  • If you take a break, park your bike off the trail so others can pass without leaving the trail.
  • Be courteous. Trails are used by a variety of people, can sometimes get crowded, and we all have to share them. You might encounter hikers, families, dog-walkers, horseback riders, tour groups, racers or recreational cyclists. You do not have a greater claim to the trail than they do, even if you ride it often.
  • Please set a good example as a mountain biker: be friendly and accommodating, and realize that they are trying to enjoy themselves just as you are.
  • When in doubt, leave it be.
  • You’ll encounter all kinds of trails in the Black Hills. If you come upon a problem or area that you are unable to clean, then leave it alone. What you think may be an impediment could be a technical obstacle that was intentionally constructed. If you’d like to help maintain a trail, we’d love to have you join our trail maintenance efforts. 

Black Hills Mountain Bike Association

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